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  • Syed, Salman (2014-01-16)
    DNA helicases are motor enzymes that convert the chemical energy of nucleotide triphosphate hydrolysis into mechanical energy for translocation on single stranded (ss) DNA and unwinding of double stranded (ds) DNA. All ...
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  • Magis, Andrew (2014-01-16)
    RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) is one of the most common technologies in use today for the analysis of gene expression and transcriptome variation in biological samples (Zhong Wang et al. 2009). As of 2011, the NCBI Sequence ...
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  • Enkavi, Giray (2014-01-16)
    Living cells have evolved specialized transport proteins called membrane transporters and channels that catalyze exchange of materials across the cell membrane. Membrane trans- porters couple the active transport of their ...
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  • Jain, Ankur (2014-01-16)
    Cellular processes result from dynamic interactions between biomolecules. The gold standard method for investigating interaction between biomolecules is the pull-down assay. We have extended the conventional pull-down assay ...
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  • Chen, Ke (2014-01-16)
    The ribosome is a large macromolecular assembly responsible for protein synthesis in all living cells. A typical bacterial ribosome consists of three ribosomal RNA (rRNA) molecules and approximately fifty ribosomal proteins ...
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