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Over the years, the Department of Economics has produced 821 Ph.D.’s and countless undergraduate and Master’s students. The Department’s Centennial in 1995 is a time for the Department to celebrate its past and look forward to its future. As it moves into its second one hundred years, the Department enjoys status as a top twenty-five economics department, as determined by the Gourman Report ranking of graduate departments. Five of its faculty serve as editors or co-editors of economics journals, one was elected Fellow of the Econometrics Society, and several have been recognized by the campus as among its best instructors. The Department is well positioned for its second hundred years.

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  • Cheng, Tzu-Chang (2015-07-16)
    This dissertation consists of three independent essays on applied econometrics. The first chapter extends the model averaging estimator (Hansen, 2007) to the time series scenario. To this end, I propose a Mallows model ...


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  • Xie, Xiaoying (2015-07-15)
    Migration is one of the main forces shaping our society as we know it. Focusing on the determinants of migration and its influence on local communities, this dissertation consists of three chapters. Chapter 1 provides a ...


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  • Cabalin Quijada, Cristian Esteban (2015-06-18)
    This is an interdisciplinary study, because it focuses on the relationship between the education and media fields via a case study of the 2011 Chilean student movement. I have studied the mediatization of educational ...


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  • Arikan, Guzin Gulsun (2004)
    In the last part, an exercise which uses a natural resource extraction model to theoretically examine corrupt privatization is presented. Corrupt officials have been known to use their authority to manipulate the privatization ...


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  • Barreto, Andre Horta (2001)
    The third essay analyzes empirically the issues of GARCH effects in six stock market index return series, namely the DJIA, IBOVESPA, IPC, KOSPI200, SBF 120, and TSE300. Our results show that trading volume has a limited ...


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