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  • Wilde, Erik; Yee, Raymond; Kansa, Eric Christopher (2008-02-28)


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  • Hemphill, Libby; Munson, Sean A. (2008-02-28)
    Professional students, whether undergraduates or masters’ students, represent a significant portion of the iSchool community. How do iSchools effectively educate those students while continuing to develop successful ...


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  • Yen, John; Giles, Lee; Foley, Hank; Adamic, Lada A.; Menczer, Filippo; Wang, Haizheng; Tapia, Andrea; Smith, Marc; Vespigani, Alessandro; Smith, Brian (2010-02-28)
    The proposed roundtable will bring together researchers from the iSchool community to discuss trends, new questions, and innovative ideas regarding social networks. For instance, how to discover and analyze subcommunities ...


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  • Haque, Saira Naim; Østerlund, Carsten; Reddy, Madhu C. (2010-02-28)
    Similar to iSchools, healthcare is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses heterogeneous environments (e.g., hospitals, clinics, home) and perspectives. However, medical informatics research focuses mainly on technical ...


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  • Van House, Nancy; Blanchette, Jean-François; Borgman, Christine L.; Lievrouw, Leah; Star, Susan Leigh; Weedman, Judy (2010-02-28)
    The interests of Science and Technology Studies (STS) and iSchools have converged in recent years. Building upon a successful five-session track on the influence of IS on STS at the recent Social Studies of Science Conference ...


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