iConference 2010 Roundtables

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  • Yen, John; Unsworth, John; Weiss, Martin; Giacobe, Nick; Reilly, Maeve; Hall, David; Stanton, Jeffrey M.; Shumaker, Wade; Marchionini, Gary; Maslowski, Tony (2010-02-03)
    In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the internet, DARPA launched the Network Challenge to explore issues related to social networking, collaboration, and trust. The iSchools viewed this as an excellent opportunity ...


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  • Duarte, Marisa Elena; Belarde-Lewis, Miranda; Krebs, Ally (2010-02-03)
    1. INTRODUCTION Study of Native systems of knowledge involves examining the institutions, community practices, philosophies and policies around knowledge, information, and technology that support Indigenous and tribal ...


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  • Dresang, Eliza T.; Burnett, Kathleen; Capps, Janet L. (2010-02-03)
    This roundtable discussion proposal supports the IMPACT theme of the conference as well as the conference area of interest in “Information behavior: theoretical, empirical and methodological advances in everyday life ...


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  • Yeo, ShinJoung; Jacobs, James R. (2010-02-03)
    Gone today Here tomorrow: assuring access to government information in the digital age The issues of access to and preservation of government information are critical to the proper functioning of a democracy. Since 1860, ...


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  • Lin, Xia; He, Daqing; Mon, Lorri; Pomerantz, Jeffrey; Zhao, Haozhen (2010-02-03)


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