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  • Schull, Ben (1976)
    Schull discusses his coal mining career around Illinois: digging coal and driving mules in Vermillion County, working as a mine manager and inspector in southern Illinois, duties as director of the Illinois Department of ...
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  • Herron, Bertha Y. (1991)
    Herron recalls Auburn, Illinois: her parents' immigration and farm, Depression, coal mines, home life, schooling, working at grocery stores, railroads, and entertainment. Interview by Daniel W. Dixon, 1991. 6 tapes, 330 mins.
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  • Hearne, Betsy (2012)
    Hearne is an emerita professor of the Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences at the University Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She is an avid storyteller, poet, and writer, authoring her first book at age five. ...
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  • Golden, Betty (1983)
    Golden recalls her childhood in Brooklyn, New York, the Depression, family, Jewish religion and holidays, marriage, move to Fort Wayne, Indiana, home business, anti-semitism, and employment. Interview by Rhonda Golden, ...
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  • Ippolito, Bill (1982)
    Ippolito discusses his experiences in Vietnam: being drafted into the army, training for Fire Direction Control, transfer to Vietnam, bases near Tan An, Can Giuoc, and Ben Luc, artillery and combat, meals, companies and ...
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  • Schimm, Bill (2006)
    Schimm recalls his experience as a member of the 4th Infantry Division during the Battle of the Bulge during WWII. This personal account recalls the feelings and emotions of an 18-year-old from Iowa dealing with the horrors ...
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  • Laing, Tony (Editor) (Graduate School of Library and Information Science and the Department of African American Studies. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign., 2010)
    The creation of the formal Black studies program at the University of Illinois Springfield was established due to the political times, which included Jessie Jackson’s visit to campus as a presidential candidate. ...
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  • Croteau, Bob (2009)
    Croteau, Renewable Energy Conservation Manager for Springfield’s City, Water, Light, and Power (CWLP) discusses classes taken at Sangamon State University on renewable energy in pursuing his environmental studies degree. ...
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  • Davis, Bobby L. (2009)
    Davis, resident of Elizabethtown, Illinois, recalls his personal experiences in the army during the Vietnam conflict. He was drafted after graduating from high school and worked in a local fluorspar mine. Davis recalls ...
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  • Chrisman, Bruce (1986)
    Chrisman discusses pacifism; his status as a conscientious objector to Vietnam draft registration; University of Illinois; engineering; alternate war service; war tax resistance and the IRS trial. Interview by Peggy Boyer, ...
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  • Strom, Raymond Bruce (2009)
    Strom, a 1977 SSU graduate and former Springfield Alderman, discusses his experiences at Sangamon State University. He obtained a master’s in administration-generic that was one of the choices available as a graduate ...
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  • Lohman, Carol (2008)
    Lohman was a member of the Springfield Committee for Higher Education that began meeting in 1966 to start the new university in the capitol city. The name – Sangamon State University – was selected from nominations by the ...
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  • Moy, Caryl (2008)
    Moy discusses her experiences as a professor at Sangamon State University in 1972. She helped create the counseling department and develop the Child, Family, and Community Services program. She reminisces about her ...
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  • Mans, Catherine (DeRorre) (1975)
    Mans discusses living in a coal mining family in Du-Quoin and Collinsville, Illinois: the Progressive Miners movement, union conflicts, Mulkeytown March, violence, mother's work with the PMA Women's Auxiliary, uniforms, ...
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  • Bowsher, Charles (1975)
    Bowsher discusses early 20th century life in Springfield, Illinois: his family, schools and jobs, neighborhoods, movie theaters, hospital and medical experiences, and life as a polio victim. He also discusses life in ...
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  • Schweighauser, Charles (2011)
    Charles Schweighauser, professor emeritus at UIS, details his involvement in the creation of the Environmental Studies program at SSU, starting in 1973. He also reminisces about his role in developing the University’s ...
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  • Smith, Charles (2010)
    Smith enrolled in Sangamon State University in 1971 and earned his master’s degree in business and public administration. A Chicago native, Smith discusses his family background in politics, his previous attendance at ...
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  • Harmony, Charlie; Harmony, Ben (2006)
    Interview with Springfield’s first Rock and Roll band; the Harmony brothers discuss their musical career as the “teen idol” Harmony Boys in the 1950s. With a sound similar to the more well-known Everly Brothers, the ...
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  • Peck, Cheryl (2010)
    Peck recently retired as Public Relations Director for the University of Illinois Springfield. She attended the upper division only Sangamon State University as a nontraditional part time student to get a degree in English ...
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  • Breiseth, Christopher (1984)
    Breiseth discusses coming to Sangamon State University from the University of Chicago and his career at SSU. Interview by Cullom Davis, 1984. 4 tapes, 240 mins.
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