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  • Robinson, Margaret (1950)
    Robinson discusses her family history and their move to Springfield, Illinois: she describes Springfield as a village, Springfield families, people who travelled West, genealogy, and life in Springfield during the 19th ...
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  • Colliver, Jerry A. (Sangamon State University, Division of Academic Affairs, 1972-09-26)
    An extensive survey of student evaluation of faculty teaching performance was conducted during the winter and spring quarters of the 1971-72 academic year at Sangamon State University. The results of the survey provided ...
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  • Hughes, Eugene (1974)
    Hughes, former International President of the Progressive Miners of America, describes his involvement with the PMA: service as president, the organization of the union, the Women's Auxiliary, and union conflicts. Interview ...
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  • Fassero, Louisa (1974)
    Fassero discusses the organization of the PMA and its Women's Auxiliary in Gillespie and Benld, Illinois: controversies, march on the Illinois Statehouse and other marches, and meetings and conflicts of the PMA. She also ...
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  • Boetta, Lester (1974)
    Boetta discusses coal mining and union activities in Gillespie, Illinois; organization of PMA; union conflicts; women's auxiliary; local unions; contracts; Mulkeytown March; violence; John L. Lewis; strikes; Depression; ...
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  • Schneider, Goldie (1974)
    Schneider discusses her husband's coal mining work in central Illinois: organization of the Progressive Miners, union conflicts, work with the PMA Women's Auxiliary, uniforms, and meetings, the junior auxiliary, mine ...
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  • Audi, Mary (1974)
    Audi recalls her involvement with the Progressive Miners Women's Auxiliary in Benld, Illinois and the Depression. Interview by Barbara Herndon and Nick Cherniavsky, 1974. 7 mins.
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  • Battuello, Tillie (1974)
    Tillie Battuello, coal miner's wife, discusses her experiences in the Progressive Miners of America Women's Auxiliary. Interview by Nick Cherniavsky, 1974. 1 tape, 90 mins.
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  • Allard, Irene (1974)
    Allard recalls growing up in a mining family in Central Illinois. She discusses her father's work as a coal miner, company houses, stores, and scrip pay; describes miner's lamps and miner's buckets; mining union activities; ...
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  • Evans, Michael; Knoll, John F. (Sangamon State University, 1974)
    "Communication at Sangamon State University, or Whipped Cream Pie" is a promotional film produced by the CTS (Communications in a Technological Society) program in 1974. The program was shown to prospective students by SSU ...
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  • Koniak, Rosa (1974)
    Koniak recalls her involvement with the Progressive Miners Women's Auxiliary in Benld, Illinois. She also recalls the Depression, washhouses, and miner's buckets. Interview by Barbara Herndon and Nick Cherniavsky, 1974. 1 ...
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  • Fancher, John (1975)
    Fancher discusses coal mining in Herrin and Springfield, Illinois, and in Alabama: coal mining work, uses of coal, union activities in Illinois and Alabama, UMW and PMA union conflicts, conflicts with management, organization ...
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  • Bowsher, Charles (1975)
    Bowsher discusses early 20th century life in Springfield, Illinois: his family, schools and jobs, neighborhoods, movie theaters, hospital and medical experiences, and life as a polio victim. He also discusses life in ...
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  • Hopley, James (1975)
    Hopley, coal miner, discusses mining in central Illinois: the organization of the Progressive Miners of America, union conflicts and mine wars, the Mulkeytown March, strikes, bargaining conditions, contracts, and mechanization. ...
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  • Fries, Frank (1975)
    Fries discusses his coal mining experiences in Gillespie, Illinois: loading coal cars and equipment, mining before unionization, wages, accidents, owning a mine, UMW and PMA, union conflicts and violence, and the Mulkeytown ...
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  • Mantowich, Larry (1975)
    Mantowich recalls coal mining experiences in Sangamon County, Illinois: mine ventilation and fire fighting, strip mining, pit committees, mechanization, union conflicts, conflicts with management, organization of the ...
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  • Mans, Catherine (DeRorre) (1975)
    Mans discusses living in a coal mining family in Du-Quoin and Collinsville, Illinois: the Progressive Miners movement, union conflicts, Mulkeytown March, violence, mother's work with the PMA Women's Auxiliary, uniforms, ...
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  • Wayham, Nona (1975)
    Wayham recalls rural life in Green and Jersey Counties, Illinois during the late 19th and early 20th century: entertainment, quilting parties, ice cream and box socials, Carrollton High School, courtship, nursing, farm ...
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  • Graham, Leta (1975)
    Graham recalls family, farming, homemade foods, butchering, horses and livestock, marriage, raising children, the history of Rock Creek, Illinois, aging, and entering a Presbyterian nursing home. Interview by Lynne Mann, ...
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  • Profeta, Mary (1975)
    Profeta recalls her husband's coal mining experiences in Springfield, Illinois in the 1930's: the mine wars, strikes, violence, and her work with the PMA Women's Auxiliary. Interview by Barbara Herndon, 1975. 2 tapes, 90 mins.
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