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  • Stutzman, Frederic D.; Boyd, Danah; Marwick, Alice E.; Lampe, Cliff; Ellison, Nicole (2008-02-28)
    In the information sciences, there is significant interest in the study of social network websites. Sites such as Myspace and Facebook have drawn hundreds of millions of users, shaping and contextualizing new forms of ...


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  • Zollers, Alla; Moore, Tony; Nguyen, Lilly Uyen; Russell, Terrell; Stutzman, Fred (2008-02-28)
    Social tagging has emerged as one of the most popular social software tools available online. Originating from, social tagging capabilities can now be found on a number of major music, news, video, and commercial ...


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  • Stam, Kathryn; Guzman, Indira; Scialdone, Michael John (2008-02-28)
    Social scientists no longer have to travel far and wide for data on social life, as it is now available at our fingertips on the web. However, many of the techniques normally used in traditional research such as ...


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