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The School of Information Sciences at Illinois is recognized as a premier institution, consistently ranked as one of the nation’s top library and information science schools. For more than 120 years, the iSchool has prepared students for careers as leaders in information professions and research. As one of the oldest LIS schools in the country, the School was instrumental in developing the methods used in library and information science today. Our faculty, staff, and students are leaders in the field, recognized for their expertise and the impact of their scholarly contributions. Drawing on the resources of the University as well as on collaborations with scholars around the world and corporate sector partners, our researchers conduct research in a variety of areas including data science, information retrieval, librarianship, and much more, using multidisciplinary approaches to address key global challenges found at the intersection of people, information, and technology.

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  • Williams, Kate (University of Illinois GSLIS, 2010-11)
    Summarizes concepts from the core course LIS 518 Community Informatics


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  • Samuel, Noah Oluwafemi; Williams, Kate (2016)
    Speaking at the United Nations in 1960, Fidel Castro declared that Cuba would become in one year “a territory free of illiteracy.” And in 1961 the island nation mobilized in a massive and successful literacy campaign, led ...


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  • Lenstra, Noah (2016)
    This month the Community Informatics Research Lab graduated its first University of Illinois PhD student. Others have completed their PhDs in China after just one year in the lab, but Noah Lenstra was part of the lab for ...


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  • Alkalimat, Abdul (2012)
    UC2B, the Urbana Champaign Big Broadband project, plans to help our community more than just putting pipes in the ground or to our houses. We passed a community benefit fund resolution. Here are excerpts: A POLICY TO ...


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  • Lenstra, Noah; Carpenter, Jaime; Saadiq, Jelani; Murphy, Deidre; Johnson, Dominique; Harmon, Rachel; Carr, Reginald; Alkalimat, Abdul (2010)
    This Lab Note reflects one part of a year-long project called eBlackChampaign-Urbana. Our interest here is to provide better access to the dispersed documentation of local African-American history and culture in Champaign-Urbana, ...


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