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  • Williams, Kate; Baeva, Aleksandra; Boles, Emily; Bowlus, Zoe; Burchard, Sara; Davies, Nora; Diaz, Jessica; Donaldson, Jeremy; Fanslow, Dana; Fary, Alyssa; Foulk, Chloe; Gorden, Jack; Grande, Jorie; Hanchar, Alyssa; Hartley, Abigail; Kaplan, Rachel; Khan, Aaron; Kuehn, Evan; Leigh, Michele; Lorrain, Darian; Monteith, Matthew; Petras, Sarah; Ryan, Emma; Swope, Kate; Thebarge, Nathan; Torres, Hayley; Tubbs, Peter; Tucci, Andrea; Waite, Elaine; Walcott, Ashley; Walter, Mia; Watson Burhans, Rosalyn; Zaldana, Jessica (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign School of Information Sciences., 2021-11-18)
    In the second year of the Covid-19 pandemic, in a year of racial reckoning, with climate emergencies bearing down on the United States as never before, two sections of the MSLIS course “Libraries, Information and Society” ...


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