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  • Heidorn, P. Bryan; Palmer, Carole L.; Wright, Daniel T. (BioMed Central, 2007-02-12)
    Data management and integration are complicated and ongoing problems that will require commitment of resources and expertise from the various biological science communities. Primary components of successful cross-scale ...


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  • Wolske, Martin; Rhinesmith, Colin (2015-01-30)
    This presentation explores the ways in which a critical interpretive sociotechnical framework can inform technology education in LIS to achieve social justice goals of social change and transformative action.


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  • Upton, Jonathan; Palmer, Kristin (2008-12)
    A summary of a community engagement project working with Books to Prisoners.


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  • Haythornthwaite, Caroline A.; Andrews, Richard (Sage, 2007)
    This chapter is the Introduction to the Sage Handbook of E-Learning Research (2007), edited by Richard Andrews and Caroline Haythornthwaite. The introduction, written by the editors, is a substantial work that addresses ...


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  • Jones, M. Cameron; Floyd, Ingbert R.; Twidale, Michael B. (2008)
    The paper explores the effectiveness of persona-based design methods in HCI education. We describe the experiences of our students in learning, practicing, and using personas in a number of design contexts. From these ...


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