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  • Bruce, Bertram C. (2014-10-13)
    What is the real purpose of education? Is it all about preparation for college and career or is it helping to develop critical thinkers who can shape a just and equitable society in order to lead good and purpose-filled ...


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  • Bruce, Bertram C. (2014-06-05)
    Accountability and transparency in education are essential if we expect to accomplish its goals. But that statement only highlights the question: What is the purpose of education? Many people would say that the purpose of ...


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  • Bruce, Bertram C. (2016-12)
    During the Fall of 2016, I was invited to visit Nepal. King's College in Kathmandu hosted my stay. Working with Kathmandu Living Labs, Karkhana, Teach for Nepal, and other organizations, we held a workshop to learn about ...


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