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Title:Incentive Design for Home Computer Security
Author(s):Wash, Rick; MacKie-Mason, Jeffrey King
Subject(s):security incentives economics design
Abstract:People are the weakest link in security (Anderson, 1993). People write passwords on sticky notes on the screen. People don't patch their home systems and become botnet zombies. People choose whether to label a patch critical or just recommended. Our moti- vating insight is that these actions generally reflect motivated behavior in response to the configuration of incentives confronting individuals. Since behavior is motivated by the goals and preferences of the individual, this behavior can be altered by designing appropriate incentives. By carefully structuring the benefits received from using a technology, we can induce users to make choices that most benefit the system. Along with some colleagues, we are developing a methodology for incentive-centered design of technology systems. We are working to provide guidelines and examples of how to carefully structure benefits to induce appropriate user choices.
Issue Date:2008-02-28
Genre:Conference Poster
Date Available in IDEALS:2010-03-10

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