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  • Amiran, Eyal; Unsworth, John; Chaski, Carole (1992)
    Electronic publishing is part of what Mark Poster calls a cultural shift from "print-wrapped language" to "electronically wrapped language" (11), and it is here to stay. But just what is inside the wrapping? What does this ...


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  • Amiran, Eyal; Unsworth, John (1991)
    Postmodern Culture was founded in 1990 by Eyal Amiran, Greg Dawes, Elaine Orr, and John Unsworth at North Carolina State University (professors Dawes and Orr have subsequently stepped down as editors in order to pursue ...


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  • Amiran, Eyal; Orr, Elaine; Unsworth, John (Greenwich, CT: JAI Press Inc., 1991)
    Electronic publishing, formerly an idea whose elegant utility one could only admire in the abstract, has in recent years become possible. Several electronic journals are now published regularly, in science, business ...


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