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  • Galloway, Michael; Khoo, Michael; Lin, Xia; Park, Jung-ran (2009-02-08)
    The Internet Public Library (IPL) is crosswalking its metadata to Dublin Core compliant metadata. This involves several research activities, including: quantitative and qualitative analyses of the existing IPL metadata; ...


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  • Angel, Christine (2009-02-08)
    The purpose of my study is to find out if the construction of personal meaning from museum artifacts change with contextual variation. From this statement the question I am asking is “How do children construct personal ...


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  • Urban, Richard J. (2009-02-08)
    The Categories for the Description of Works of Art (CDWA) is a foundational framework for describing cultural heritage resources. This poster presents a model of the CDWA Lite core categories as an OWL ontology.


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