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  • Edwards, Phillip M.; MacMullen, W. John; Paquette, Scott; Winget, Megan (2009-02-08)
    This roundtable discussion will explore how junior faculty at iSchools have been able to embed their research, teaching, and service activities within their schools, the larger institutions, and broader communities. The ...


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  • Dean, Rebecca; Finn, Megan; Irani, Lilly; Lindtner, Silvia; Nguyen, Lilly Uyen; Patil, Sameer; Perkel, Dan; Sims, Christo (2009-02-08)
    We propose a roundtable discussion to report results of the first UC Information Studies Lab workshop and discuss implications with a broader audience. The workshop is conceived and organized by doctoral students for ...


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  • Lesk, Michael; Crowston, Kevin; Haythornthwaite, Caroline A. (2009-02-08)
    Many I-schools now offer online courses. What are the experiences we have teaching online as compared with on-campus, and what can we learn from each other? This roundtable will let participants discuss how our experiences ...


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