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  • Detlefsen, Ellen; Hersh, William; Schardt, Connie M.; Wildemuth, Barbara M. (2009-02-08)
    Because the information world of medical professionals is complex and ever-expanding, a new set of information professionals is needed to serve as a liaison between that world of information and the world of medicine. ...
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  • Griffiths, Jose-Marie; Roderer, Nancy K.; Prentice, Ann (2009-02-08)
    In 2007, ASIS&T established a Task Force on Information Professionals to look at ways to recognize and promote the information professions broadly defined. Highlights of activity to date have been a commissioned study of ...
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  • Zhang, Ping; Moran, Barbara B.; Druin, Allison; Renear, Allen H.; Phillips, David; Barzilai-Zahon, Karine (2009-02-08)
    In this roundtable discussion, we will identify challenges and brainstorm opportunities for PhD education in the new i-school movement.
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  • Diversity 
    Currier, James "Kip"; Atwood, Michael; Trauth, Eileen (2009-02-08)
    The student bodies and faculties of most, if not all, iSchools lack sufficient diversity. To build diverse student bodies, provide resources and services to support students from under-represented groups, and offer a more ...
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  • Fiore, Andrew T.; Antin, Judd; Cheshire, Coye; Sims, Christo (2009-02-08)
    The multidisciplinary approach adopted by iSchools is a source of both strength and confusion. Novel research agendas and approaches emerge from the cross-pollination of ideas among students and faculty with diverse ...
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  • Yen, John; Foley, Hank; Larsen, Ron; Liddy, Elizabeth; Giles, Lee; Carroll, John; McNeese, Michael; Maitland, Carleen (2009-02-08)
    “Extreme events” are events so intense that they prompt lasting structural change in the technological, economic, social or psychological makeup of society. Anthropogenic extreme events (AEEs) differ from natural extreme ...
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  • Ho, Shuyuan Mary; Treglia, Joseph Vincent (2009-02-08)
    The purpose of this panel is to identify and discuss high-level parameters and social issues regarding the implementation of a national behavioral anomaly detection platform. This platform would provide a “statistical ...
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  • Nicholson, Scott; MacInnes, Ian (2009-02-08)
    The goal of this roundtable is to attract iSchool researchers who are exploring gaming research projects. This will be a sharing roundtable, with the hope of allowing researchers to make connections between schools and ...
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  • Sugimoto, Shigeo; Urs, Shalini; Lim, Ee-Peng (2009-02-08)
    Inclusivity – how to be inclusive of the privileged as well as the not so privileged; diversity – how to manage the diverse cultures and systems; convergence –how do we discover the unifying thread of flowing together – ...
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  • Mokros, Hartmut B.; Detlefsen, Ellen; Plale, Beth; Oesterlund, Carsten Svarr; Reddy, Madhu C. (2009-02-08)
    The Annual iConference offers an important opportunity for information sharing among member iSchools. Proposed for iConference 09 is a Roundtable Discussion that provides a forum for information sharing about existing and ...
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  • Mathiesen, Kay; Fallis, Don; Froelich, Thomas; Srinivasan, Ramesh; Doty, Philip; Lenhart, Laura (2009-02-08)
    We propose a roundtable discussion on the role of philosophers, and philosophical topics and methods, in the mission of the iSchools, including research, education, and outreach.
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  • Edwards, Phillip M.; MacMullen, W. John; Paquette, Scott; Winget, Megan (2009-02-08)
    This roundtable discussion will explore how junior faculty at iSchools have been able to embed their research, teaching, and service activities within their schools, the larger institutions, and broader communities. The ...
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  • Dean, Rebecca; Finn, Megan; Irani, Lilly; Lindtner, Silvia; Nguyen, Lilly Uyen; Patil, Sameer; Perkel, Dan; Sims, Christo (2009-02-08)
    We propose a roundtable discussion to report results of the first UC Information Studies Lab workshop and discuss implications with a broader audience. The workshop is conceived and organized by doctoral students for ...
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  • Lesk, Michael; Crowston, Kevin; Haythornthwaite, Caroline (2009-02-08)
    Many I-schools now offer online courses. What are the experiences we have teaching online as compared with on-campus, and what can we learn from each other? This roundtable will let participants discuss how our experiences ...
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