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Title:Extreme Events and I Schools
Author(s):Yen, John; Foley, Hank; Larsen, Ron; Liddy, Elizabeth; Giles, Lee; Carroll, John; McNeese, Michael; Maitland, Carleen
Subject(s):Extreme Events
Disaster Relief
Abstract:“Extreme events” are events so intense that they prompt lasting structural change in the technological, economic, social or psychological makeup of society. Anthropogenic extreme events (AEEs) differ from natural extreme events (NEEs) not only in cause, but also in effect – especially social and behavioral sciences. In the aftermath of extreme political violence, for example, a terrorist attack, the numbers of post traumatic stress disorders (PTSDs) and other related mental health problems are much higher than they are after a natural disaster because of this collateral effect on indirect victims. The recent financial crisis is another example of AEEs that resulted in huge economical and psychological impacts to our society. The goal of the round table is to discuss the role of i schools in engaging in research and education activities related to the prevention, the mitigation, and the response of extreme events. Some of the questions the roundtable will attempt to address include the following: • Are i schools well positioned to address research regarding extreme events? • How do research about extreme events contribute to the challenges of the next millenium? • How do research about extreme events contribute to the engagements of i schools with the society? • How do research about extreme events contribute to the international/global engagement of i schools?
Issue Date:2009-02-08
Genre:Conference Poster
Date Available in IDEALS:2010-04-13

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