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Title:Ethnicity and Politics
Author(s):Sears, Ashley
Abstract:This paper is about if race has an impression on how people feel on politically issues. Using different magazines and newspaper such as but not limited to Chicago Tribune, also my research through a survey conducted on the Quad of the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign will show the reason behind the critics on Obama’s comment. After conducting my surveys and collecting data I have come up with a few opinions to my question. In the beginning my question came from a situation from MTV’s video music awards that took place two months ago. The situation consisted of Kanye West coming up on stage while Tyler Swift was receiving her award for Best Video of the Year. While Swift was on stage West comes up on stage in the middle of her acceptance speech and states that he does not agree with Swift winning the award and that he feels that Beyonce had the best video of the year and then walks off. Swift was left standing on stage speechless not only in front of the audience but on national television as well. After the statement was said President Obama stated off the record during an interview that West was an “asshole” for his actions. After this statement was made media attacked Obama immediately and many felt was blown out of proportion. This made me think if President Bush was to make the same statement would the outcome be the same. Was it because the President is African American that his every word and action criticized. Do people feel certain ways about politics because of their ethnicity? I then decided to conduct my research by using surveys. After collecting and filing the data I found out some answers but also new questions as well. Most people thought that many people can effect one’s political beliefs sometimes. These results tell me that if you are with a lot of people that feel one way about a subject instead of standing up about what they feel are right they will conform in fear of being different. But this also beings up the question that if someone else feels the same way will you fight for what you feel is right and voice your opinion even if you are outnumbered.
Issue Date:2010
Course / Semester:In Rhetoric 101/100 students are expected to: 1. develop skills as readers and writers by reading and writing sophisticated prose; 2. experience writing as a process of revision, where longer, more complex pieces grow out of earlier work; 3. reflect on their processes as readers and writers as you read, write about, and discuss the texts of the course: published work, peers’ writing, as well as their own; 4. become more practiced at using writing as a means of investigation, of figuring things out, thus challenging the commonplace belief that all writing is designed to prove something once and for all; 5. see connections between, on the one hand, the insights personal essays allow us to grasp as both readers and writers and, on the other, the contexts in which we’re living our lives day to day; 6. accomplish 1-5 above within a course context dedicated to theorizing and practicing the art of the personal and academic essay.
Date Available in IDEALS:2010-06-03

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