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  • Ammons, Carol; Ballenger, Eric; Barnett, Teresa; Bennett, Scott; Davis, Alec M.; Frank-Feinen, Deborah; Gleason, Keith; Griffith, Donovan; Hostetler, Charles; Karner, Lynn; Koos, Chris; Lennhoff, Claudia; Marlin, Diane; Messina, Alec; Mitchell, Bill; Moore-Wolfe, Julie; Rehn, Andrew; Risley, Jim; Roadcap, George; Rose, Chapin; Smith, Charles; Stoner, Larry; Turner, Steve; Zalucha, Todd; Zimmerman, David (Mahomet Aquifer Protection Task Force, 2018-12-21)
    The Mahomet Aquifer is one of Illinois’ most important groundwater resources, serving as the primary source of drinking water for more than 500,000 people in 15 Illinois counties and providing an estimated 220 million ...


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