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Title:Mobile Learning Communities - Are We There Yet?
Author(s):Nahrstedt, Klara; Campbell, Roy H.; Gupta, Indranil; Karahalios, Karrie G.; Kravets, Robin; Kamin, Sam; Sanders, William H.
Contributor(s):Angrave, Lawrence; Caccamo, Marco; Godfrey, Philip Brighten; Van Hook, Rick; Welch, Paula; Huang, Ying; Vu, Long; Zeng, Zheng; Sridhar, Anjali
Subject(s):mobile technologies
mobile learning communities
educational application
mobile phone - Android cell-phone
human user analysis
mobile learning on university campus
Abstract:Advances in wireless technologies have allowed users to communicate ubiquitously anywhere and anytime and made it possible for users to access and exchange information through wireless hand-held devices such as cell-phones, tablets and laptops. Especially, if we consider our university campuses, 802.11 WiFi infrastructure is everywhere and most students use laptops and diversity of cell-phones for their personal and school work to connect to various resources via WiFi. In this report, we are exploring the premise of cell-phones as educational tools for undergraduate students in our educational institution, and creation of effective mobile learning communities through the usage of cell-phones. Through one year investigation, we wanted to answer three major questions: (1) how would a mobile phone be used as an educational tool in and out of classroom, (2) how would an educational unit deploy phones and educational services to all undergraduate students semester after semester, and (3) is the WiFi communication infrastructure at the educational institution ready for massive phone deployment in and out of classroom. Through combination of discussions with undergraduate students, implementation of educational projects by students and for students, deployment of phones in selected classes, and measurements of WiFi infrastructure performance during phone usage in classrooms, we present the complexity of the issues when answering the questions and the difficulties to consider when it comes to mobile learning communities on a university campus.
Issue Date:2010-11-15
Publisher:Information Trust Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Citation Info:"Mobile Learning Communities – Are We There Yet?", K. Nahrstedt, L. Angrave, M. Caccamo, R. Campbell, B. Godfrey, I. Gupta, K. Karahalios, R. Kravets, S. Kamin, S. Poole, W. Sanders, Y. Huang, Z. Seng, L. Vu, A. Sridhar, Technical Report, Information Trust Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, November 2010
Genre:Report (Grant or Annual)
Technical Report
Publication Status:unpublished
Peer Reviewed:not peer reviewed
Sponsor:NSF 0855129
Vodafone Inc. - Educational Equipment Grant
Google Inc. - DROID Equipment Gift
Qualcomm Inc.
Date Available in IDEALS:2010-11-14

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