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The issuance of TAM Technical Reports began formally in 1946, with the printing of a progress report by Prof. Thomas J. Dolan for the U.S. Navy on "An investigation of the behavior of materials under repeated stress." Since that time more than five hundred TAM reports have been prepared for general distribution. The subject matter of TAM Reports is not restrictive; manuscripts intended for publication, theses judged to have general interest, notes prepared for short courses, symposia compiled from outstanding undergraduate projects, and reports prepared for research-sponsoring agencies appear regularly.

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  • Langhaar, Henry Louis; Boresi, Arthur Peter (Dept. of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (UIUC), 1956-04)
    In an earlier report (TAM Report No. 80), the authors considered the buckling and post-buckling behavior of an ideal elastic cylindrical shell loaded by uniform external pressure on its lateral surface, and by an axial ...


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  • Brown, Eric N. (Dept. of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (UIUC), 1998)
    The thermoelastic properties of several common woven glass/epoxy substrate materials were characterized in both the warp and fill directions. Five common commercially pressed cores (1080, 2116, 2313, 3313, 7628) were ...


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  • Landgraf, R.W. (Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (UIUC), 1968-11)
    Changes in deformation resistance are studied during completely reversed strain cycling of steels hardened to yield strengths in excess of 200 ksi by quenching and tempering, quenching and deforming at elevated temperature, ...


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  • Fried, Eliot (Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (UIUC), 2006-06)
    We present a sharp-interface theory for phase transformations between the isotropic and uniaxial nematic phases of a flowing liquid crystal. These equations include a supplemental interface condition which expresses the ...


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  • Shklyaev, Oleg E.; Fried, Eliot (Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (UIUC), 2006-06)
    We use a newly developed set of boundary conditions to revisit the problem of an evaporating thin liquid film. In particular, instead of the conventional Hertz–Knudsen–Langmuir equation for the evaporation mass flux we ...


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