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Title:Making Change: Institutional Channels or Direct Action?
Author(s):Valencia, Cristobal
Student Activism
La Casa Cultural Latina
Abstract:This project aims to answer the following questions: Are campus units aware of the Chancellor’s Committee on Latina/o Issues Report (2003) and, if so, do they have a copy and do they use it? How effective was the act/process of making the Chancellor’s report? Was it an empty gesture? For this purpose, the author conducted two interviews. The report criticizes the administration’s response to activist events addressing problems of a hostile climate. The report states: “Such action often collides not only with [] administration and faculty prerogatives but also with the perception that students should participate in these decision-making processes through established bureaucratic channels, not activism” (2003:5). Finally, the report emphasizes the effectiveness of activist approaches in the past, their ability to draw attention to issues, and the often negative and consequential reactions to these approaches. However, the report makes recommendations in place of demands. The distribution of the report seems to be limited. Few copies are available and it was only recently uploaded to the library as an electronic document (in 2006). Many Latino/a students involved in campus social and political organizations are unaware that the report exists. However, they are aware about the protests leading up to the report and the establishment of La Casa and Latino/a Studies. The project includes a proposal for continued research.
Issue Date:2006-12-15
Publication Status:unpublished
Date Available in IDEALS:2007-08-22

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