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Title:Yellow Perch Population Assessment in Southwestern Lake Michigan, Including Evaluation of Sampling Techniques and Identification of the Factors that Determine Yellow Perch Year-Class Strength April 1, 2008 – June 30, 2009
Author(s):Redman, Rebecca A.; Czesny, Sergiusz J.; Dettmers, John M.; Martin, Benjamin; Zapt, Daniel
Subject(s):yellow perch
Lake Michigan
year-class strength
recreational fishery
zooplankton abundance
early life history
Division of Fisheries
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Division of Fisheries, Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Abstract:The objectives of this study are to expand the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) annual yellow perch (Percaflavescens) stock assessment data, monitor densities of age-0 yellow perch, and identify factors likely to have limited yellow perch recruitment since 1989. We sampled adult yellow perch during the spring to assess reproductive potential and determine age and size structure of the spawning population. Anal spines were collected from yellow perch at two known angling sites and analyzed to determine the angler-caught age distribution. Age-0 yellow perch were sampled at multiple depths and distances from shore with neuston nets, a mid-water Tucker trawl, small mesh gill nets, and a bottom trawl. We compared the use of gill nets and bottom trawling for sampling demersal age-0 yellow perch. We also monitored yellow perch egg skein densities, post-larval yellow perch abundance, age-0 yellow perch diets, and continued to evaluate factors that might regulate yellow perch year-class strength. The results of this project will enable fish managers to develop effective management strategies for this important native sport fish. Larval yellow perch sampling will expand our understanding of the early life history of yellow perch in terms of larval fish movements, feeding behavior, and survival. Early life history data will eventually lead to an understanding of factors that affect juvenile survival and future year-class strength. We highlight below some of the important results from 2008 sampling associated with our study objectives.
Issue Date:2009-09-18
Publisher:Illinois Natural History Survey
Series/Report:Yellow Perch Population Assessment in Southwestern Lake Michigan
Technical Report INHS 2009 (27)
Federal Aid Project F-123 R-15
Genre:Technical Report
Description:Division of Fisheries, Illinois Department of Natural Resources Grant/Contract No: Federal Aid Project F-123 R-15
Sponsor:INHS Technical Report Prepared for Division of Fisheries, Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Rights Information:This document is a product of the Illinois Natural History Survey, and has been selected and made available by the Illinois Natural History Survey and the University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It is intended solely for noncommercial research and educational use, and proper attribution is requested.
Date Available in IDEALS:2011-11-08

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