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One strand of Professor Poole's research focuses on two aspects of communication and information technologies. He is interested in how people interact with communication and information technologies. Current studies include research on perception of and emotional responses to web pages, persuasive aspects of web pages, personalization, user readiness to interact with information systems, and context aware computing. Professor Poole also studies how people interact through communication and information technologies. He is currently involved in studies of virtual teams, learning in telemedicine networks, collaboration technologies, and how groups appropriate and use group support systems. A second strand of Professor Poole's current research concerns change processes in groups and organizations. He is conducting a study of how communication in work units and teams mediate individual responses to major organizational changes such as quality improvement programs.

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  • Ahmed, Iftekhar; Cooper, Kate; McGrath, Robert; Greigo, Dino; Poole, Marshall Scott; Hanisch, Robert (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2013-09-30)
    Tables showing the historical process of the development of the Virtual Astronomical Observatory supplementary to the paper "Process Study of the Development of a Virtual Research Environment"


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  • Poole, Marshall Scott (2007-09-18)
    The Group Working Relationships Coding System is designed to capture the climate of group discussion with special attention to the level and type of conflict occurring and how this is being handled by the group


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  • Ahmed, I.; Pilny, A.; Brown, C.; Cai, D.; Poole, M.S. (2011-08-30)
    Tables to Supplement Paper "Identification of Groups in Online Environments" by I. Ahmed et al. in SocialComm Proceedings


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  • Poole, Marshall Scott; Dobosh, Melissa (2010-05-18)
    These are the phase maps of the jury deliberations referenced in the article "Exploring Conflict Management Processes In Jury Deliberations Through Interaction Analysis" published in Small Group Research


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  • Poole, Marshall Scott (1989-08-01)
    This is a transcript that is coded with the Group Decision Functions and Group Working Relationships Coding Systems. It is for training purposes. The coding systems are also in this depository; search for Marshall Scott ...


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