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Title:Friend or foe...who benefits: the university, the community or both?
Author(s):Presslak, Scott; Floyd, Sarah; Kulemeka, Owen
Student Housing
Orchard Downs
Graduate Students
Abstract:This project examines how the Orchard Downs redevelopment project has affected the University of Illinois’ relationship with the various groups that have expressed concern about the project. The authors conducted 22 interviews with individuals from the following three groups: (1) residents of the neighborhood near Orchard Downs (Southeast Urbana): they fear the impact the development will have on their neighborhood; (2) residents of Orchards Down: they fear being displaced; (3) graduate students, faculty, and staff who do not live in Orchard Downs: they are worried about the future of affordable, graduate housing at the university. The authors also analyzed media info, archival data, web/online material, field trips, and community outreach events. The results show that the university needs to ensure real participation rather than token participation. One of the key groups, graduate students, are not well informed, since the University’s public meetings on this issue are held in locations inconvenient for graduate students.
Issue Date:2006-12-15
Publication Status:unpublished
Date Available in IDEALS:2007-08-22

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