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Title:Memorial Stadium and the Mystery of University Women during World War One
Author(s):Nickerson, Abby
Greek System
Abstract:The purpose of this research is to provide an overview of women’s lives during World War I and to examine why university women continue to be underrepresented in historical records. The study focuses specifically on the life and death of Gladys Gilpatrick, a woman who lost her life working as a nurse during WWI. Among the pillars at Memorial Stadium dedicated to students, faculty and alumni who lost their lives in WWI, there is only one pillar dedicated to a woman: Gladys Gilpatrick, a 1917 graduate and member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. On the basis of literature, internet, and archival research (including the Daily Illini), the project shows that Gladys died of influenza while working as a student nurse in Philadelphia. Her sorority made a donation to have her name etched on the pillar. Although women participated in efforts related to the war, they were rarely mentioned and acknowledged in the media. Their athletic achievements were ignored as well.
Issue Date:2006-05-15
Publication Status:unpublished
Date Available in IDEALS:2007-08-24

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