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The Department of Philosophy is distinguished by its breadth and depth in the traditional areas of philosophical inquiry and the history of philosophy, by its balance of Anglo-American and Continental perspectives, and by the involvement of its faculty in a wide variety of recent developments in the field. This breadth makes possible a considerable number of courses and concentrations.

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  • Hendrickson, Paul Sheldon (2001)
    Chapters Four and Five present Foucault's genealogies as an externalist critique of reflexive agency. Contrary to the interpretation that genealogy dispenses with agency and precludes critique, I argue that our constitution ...


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  • Finkler, Joshua Phillip (2000)
    Next the project develops a mereologized class theory satisfying the following criteria: the project does not take as primitive the operation which carries a member into its singleton, it offers some insight into the ways ...


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  • Ilundain-Agurruza, Jesus Maria (2000)
    Complementing the text are a number of illustrations and concrete examples that range from straightforward images of paintings and sculptures, to short stories, poems, citations from plays, or even comic strips which act ...


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  • Dickens, William Allen, Jr (2000)
    The study concludes that Husserl's attempt, as well as Heidegger's, falls short. Husserl's fails because in both his "static" and "genetic" analyses of judgment he is compelled to cite an irremediably factical element as ...


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  • Erdel, Timothy Paul (2000)
    The sixth chapter provides a summary overview of the essay, comments on faith and the intellectual virtues, and, like the previous three chapters, reflects on limitations before ending with a coda (the fifth). There is an ...


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