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Title:A Critical Analysis of the Ethnography of Krannert Art Museum
Author(s):Armstrong, Marisa; Jaronczyk, Adrian; Ruelo, Kim; White, Michelle
Subject(s):Performance/Expressive Culture
Krannert Art Museum
Community Service
Abstract:This project evaluates the activity systems (composed of community, rules, division of labor, tools, subject, and motives) in the Krannert Art Museum as seen through its mission statement. It focuses on the evolution of the mission statement, how it should be interpreted, the exact motives behind the statement, what challenges it presents to the museum, and its involvement within the community. On the basis of interviews and archival, literature, and internet research, the authors find that the mission statement’s main goal is to provide a guide for the inner activities of the museum. Its connection to the community appears to be of primary importance.
Issue Date:2006-05-15
Publication Status:unpublished
Date Available in IDEALS:2007-09-02

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