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Title:You Look Like You're Looking for the Bathroom?: An In-depth Look Into Patron Services At The Krannert Center For Performing Arts
Author(s):Barney, John; Mariano, Tracy; Ng, Michelle; Yoo, Christopher
Subject(s):Performance/Expressive Culture
Krannert Center
Abstract:This project investigates the Patron Services within the Krannert Center and the history behind the establishment of the center, including the founders and the mission. On the basis of literature research and interviews, the authors find that the Patron Services’ handbook is the foundation of their activity system and contains information regarding their mission, the rules, and information about the center. The handbook and other textual tools used by the employees of Patron Services could be beneficial for employees to exceed at the job. However, many of them do not take advantage of their handbook and some have never even opened it. Minimal changes and reorganization can make the handbook more appealing. Training can also be conducted in new ways to give employees incentives for reading through the manuals.
Issue Date:2006-05-15
Publication Status:unpublished
Date Available in IDEALS:2007-09-02

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