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Title:Electron Beam Focusing for the International Linear Collider
Author(s):Iandola, Forrest; Syphers, Michael
Subject(s):High-energy physics
Particle accelerator
Statistical analysis
Quadrapole magnet
International Linear Collider
Computer modeling
Scientific computing
Abstract:The International Linear Collider (ILC) will be a pair of linear accelerators (LINACs) that accelerate electron beams and increase their energy to 250 giga-electron volts (GeV) and facilitate the collision of the two beams. The design parameters include the number of focusing magnets and their focal length. The investigation discussed here involves the construction of a computer model of the ILC, and its use as a tool for mathematically determining optimal values of these parameters. Misaligned focusing magnets cause electrons to lose energy through synchrotron radiation and increase the beam size, which is detrimental to the operation of the collider. Surveyors can feasibly install magnets in the tunnel environment to an alignment tolerance of 0.25mm, so this investigation considers solutions to compensate for the misalignment. A practical solution for correcting the focusing magnet alignment error is to use additional correction magnets, although this method causes more synchrotron radiation. By using the computer model, the beam focusing system can be optimized; the results of the analysis will be presented.
Issue Date:2008
Publisher:American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting Student Symposium
Citation Info:Forrest Iandola and Michael Syphers. "Electron Beam Focusing for the International Linear Collider." In American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting Student Symposium, 2008.
Genre:Conference Paper / Presentation
Publication Status:published or submitted for publication
Peer Reviewed:is peer reviewed
Sponsor:Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
U.S. Department of Energy
Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
Date Available in IDEALS:2011-04-30

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