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Title:Analysis of International Admissions at the University of Illinois as an Activity System
Author(s):Estabrooke, Clay; Kennedy, Zach; Krukewitt, Carolyn; Shah, Bijal
International Students
Abstract:This project investigates International Admissions at the University of Illinois as an activity system and compares it to the University of Michigan. On the basis of interviews and literature and internet research, the authors find that the University of Illinois only accepts the TOEFL exam to ensure competency with the English language whereas University of Michigan also allows two other English aptitude exams. In addition, the research shows that international students have to present a bank statement showing over forty thousand dollars balance. It is questionable whether this requirement is fair to international students who are academically qualified but are not affluent enough to meet this financial requirement. The University’s goal for international enrollment is two fold. First, they want to improve diversity at the University of Illinois by increasing international enrollment. Second, they want to increase the revenue paid to the university through the international student’s tuition.
Issue Date:2006-05-15
Publication Status:unpublished
Date Available in IDEALS:2007-09-02

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