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  • Shreeves, Sarah L.; Teper, Thomas H.; Donohue, Timothy G.; Kaczmarek, Joanne; Lewis, Sue (2006-10)
    Ensuring that IDEALS is indeed worthy of the trust of the faculty, students, and staff of the institution requires careful and deliberate planning and ongoing attention to digital preservation. With this in mind, this white ...
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  • Shreeves, Sarah L. (2005-09)
    This is the project charter for the IDEALS initiative. It contains an outline of the strategic objectives and benefits, the deliverables, stakeholders, scope, and risks of the IDEALS Initiative.
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  • Grady, Michael; Mischo, William H.; Sandore, Beth (2004-04-07)
    Since the University's establishment in 1867, its scholarly output has been issued primarily in print, and the University Library and Archives have been readily able to collect, preserve, and to provide access to that ...
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