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Title:Scaling laws and correlation functions near magnetic critical points
Author(s):Hecht, Robert Joseph
Doctoral Committee Chair(s):Kadanoff, L.P.
Department / Program:Physics
Subject(s):scaling laws
correlation functions
magnetic critical points
Kadanoff's derivation
Abstract:Critical point phenomena in magnetic systems are studied with the aid of the scaling laws. These laws relate the critical indices which describe the behavior of thermodynamic and correlation functions near T. Kadanoff's derivation of the scaling 1aw is reviewed. An experimental survey of ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic data near T is presented. Susceptibility, correlation length, magnectization, specific heat and a magnetic equation of state are discussed. It is found that the "critical region" can extend as far as [equation] although frequently it is restricted to E < 10-2 The critical indices S, y, v, ~ and ~, are close to the three dimensional ISing model values. Values for 0, y' and ~ are not known as conclusively. Specific heat behavior is discussed in terms -~ of a three-parameter fit, namely C = aE + b. Varying b allows one to estimate a possible range of a's. The experimental information is consistent with the scaling law relations 2 - alpha = 2 - alpha' = dV = d gamma / (2-pi) = gamma + 2B = B(d+1) The scaling law theory is extended to predict the temperature, field and spatial dependence of various spin correlation functions. These predictions are checked by analytic calculations for the two dimensional Ising model in zero field. Results are presented for the energy density-energy density and energy density-spin correlation functions in the limit E « 1, R » 1, but the product ER arbitrary. Results are also presented for a group of two, three and four spin correlations at cT. In each case the scaling law predictions are verified.
Issue Date:1967
Genre:Dissertation / Thesis
Rights Information:1967 Robert Joseph Hecht
Date Available in IDEALS:2011-07-07
Identifier in Online Catalog:2675988

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