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Title:The Influence of Study Abroad Programs on Students' Perception of Islam
Author(s):Nabiya Arshad
Subject(s):Study Abroad, Cultural Differences, Stereotypes, Perception, Perspective, Acceptance, Global Mindedness & Awareness, Muslims
Abstract:There are many misconceptions of Muslims prevalent among students on campus at UIUC. Such ignorance disconnects individuals from global awareness and knowledge. Study abroad programs are one of the several ways to expose students to globalization. If study abroad programs educate students allowing them to become more globally aware, then these programs can help eliminate stereotypes and allow students to develop a deeper understanding of another religion/culture. I conducted ethnographic research on how study abroad experiences in Muslim countries influence UIUC students’ perception of Islam and Muslims. Do the study abroad programs at UIUC allow the students to establish a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of Muslims?
Issue Date:2011-08
Course / Semester:AAS258 Spring 2011 Muslims in America
Professor Junaid Rana
Introduction to the study of Muslims in the United States and broadly the history of Islam in the Americas. Using a comparative approach, we study how the historical narrative of African American and Latino Muslims relates to newer immigrant populations, primarily Arab American and South Asian American Muslim communities.
Date Available in IDEALS:2011-08-04

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