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Title:Review of the New World Erythroneurini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Typhlocybinae) I. Genera Erythroneura, Erasmoneura, Rossmoneura, and Hymetta
Author(s):Dmitriev, Dmitry A.; Dietrich, Christopher H.
Contributor(s):Warwick, Charles
Abstract:This review provides descriptions, illustrations, keys for identification, and summaries of distributions and host plants for all known species of the genera Erythroneura (54 species), Erasmoneura (12 species), Rossmoneura (3 species), and Hymetta (5 species). Erythroneura browni sp.n., E. ortha sp.n., E. carinata sp.n., E. glabra sp.n., E. bakeri sp.n., E. kerzhneri sp.n. from Central and Eastern USA, E. triapitsyni sp.n. from New Mexico, Erasmoneura margaritae sp.n. from Illinois, and E. emeljanovi sp.n. from South Carolina are described as new. The following new synonyms are recognized: Erythroneura prima Beamer equals E. maritima Hamilton syn. n.; E. diva McAtee equals E. tricincta var. complementa McAtee syn. n.; E. octonotata Walsh equals E. comes var. compta McAtee syn. n., E. cherokee Robinson syn. n., E. compta var. rufomaculata McAtee syn. n., and E. nigroscuta Johnson syn. n.; E. cymbium McAtee equals E. tricincta var. disjuncta McAtee syn. n.; E. calycula McAtee equals E. tricincta var. erasa McAtee syn. n. and E. tricincta var. noncincta Johnson syn. n.; E. ziczac Walsh equals E. ziczac var. walshi Beamer syn. n.; E. delicata McAtee equals E. comes var. accepta McAtee syn. n., E. scripta Robinson syn. n., and E. tudella Robinson syn. n.; E. rosa Robinson equals E. repetita McAtee, syn. n.; E. kerzhneri sp.n. equals E. vaga sensu Beamer, 1938 (not Johnson, 1934); Erasmoneura vulnerata Fitch equals E. gradata Robinson syn. n.; Erasmoneura fulmina McAtee equals E. bicolorata Beamer syn. n.; Erasmoneura nigra Gillette equals E. vulnerata var. decora McAtee syn. n.; Erasmoneura nigerrima McAtee equals E. atrata Johnson syn. n.; Hymetta balteata McAtee equals H. trifasciata var. albata McAtee syn. n. and H. balteata var. mediana Fairbairn syn. n.; H. anthisma McAtee equals H. distincta Fairbairn syn. n.; Erasmoneura atra Johnson, 1935 is restored and equal to E. nigerrima sensu Beamer, 1946 (not McAtee, 1920). Neotypes are designated for Erythroneura octonotata Walsh, E. tricincta Fitch, and Hymetta trifasciata Say.
Issue Date:2007-08
Publisher:Champaign, Ill. : Illinois Natural History Survey
Citation Info:Review of the New World Erythroneurini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Typhlocybinae). I. Genera Erythroneura, Erasmoneura, Rossmoneura, and Hymetta. Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin 38(2):59–128.
Series/Report:Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin; v. 038, no. 02
Genre:Journal (whole)
Publication Status:published or submitted for publication
Peer Reviewed:is peer reviewed
Rights Information:Copyright 2007 University of Illinois Board of Trustees. All rights reserved.
Date Available in IDEALS:2011-09-01

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