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The Department of Religion at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers students opportunities to study diverse religious traditions from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Our curriculum encompasses the study of religion in many different cultures and historical periods as well as the impact of religion in such areas as ethics, politics, literature, intellectual history, philosophy, and society in general.

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  • Acar, Asena (2020-04-28)
    Christian Zionism is a religious movement in which Christians advocate for a Jewish state in Israel. These Christians, most of whom identify as Evangelical Protestants, believe that the return of Jews to the Holy Land of ...


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  • Abramovich-Gomon, Alla (1997)
    The thesis explores the oral, basically, epic song tradition of the Nenets people, one of the northern minorities of the Russian Arctic. It is based on the fieldwork conducted in the springs of 1975 and 1976 in the two ...


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  • Johnson, Marc (2013-05-24)
    One often interprets one’s selfhood in a Cartesian way. That is, the everyday self is a clearly demarcated individual that is separate from others and from the world around it (including, to a large extent, its own body). ...


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