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Title:Correlated multi-streaming in distributed interactive multimedia systems
Author(s):Agarwal, Pooja
Advisor(s):Nahrstedt, Klara
Department / Program:Computer Science
Discipline:Computer Science
Degree Granting Institution:University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Subject(s):Distributed Interactive Multimedia Systems
Correlated Multi-Streaming
Bundle of Streams
Bundle Streaming as a Service
Streaming as a Service Kernel
3D Tele-immersion
Abstract:Distributed Interactive Multimedia Environments (DIMEs) enable geographically distributed people to interact with each other in a joint media-rich virtual environment for a wide range of activities, such as art performance, medical consultation, sport training, etc. The real-time collaboration is made possible by exchanging a set of multi-modal sensory streams over the network in real time. The characterization and evaluation of such multi-stream interactive environments is challenging because the traditional Quality of Service metrics (e.g., delay, jitter) are limited to a per stream basis. In this work, we present a novel ”Bundle of Streams” concept to define correlated multi-streams in DIMEs and present new cyber-physical, spatio-temporal QoS metrics to measure QoS over bundle of streams. We realize Bundle of Streams concept by presenting a novel paradigm of Bundle Streaming as a Service (SAS). We propose and develop SAS Kernel, a generic, distributed, modular and highly flexible streaming kernel realizing SAS concept. We validate the Bundle of Streams model by comparing the QoS performance of bundle of streams over different transport protocols in a 3D tele-immersive testbed. Also, further experiments demonstrate that the SAS Kernel incurs low overhead in delay, CPU, and bandwidth demands.
Issue Date:2011-11-07
Rights Information:Copyright 2011 Pooja Agarwal
Date Available in IDEALS:2011-11-07
Date Deposited:2011-05

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