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Title:A distributed low-voltage power converter. Final Report.
Author(s):Krein, Philip T.; Midya, Pallab; Ekambaram, U.
Subject(s):low-voltage power converter
Abstract:A prototype 2 V converter for a distributed power application has been constructed and tested. The converter design is a two-stage system with an interleaved forward topology for output. The effective switching frequency is 400 kHz nominal. Both stages are controlled with a proprietary sensorless current mode system. The circuit provides output from 0-120 W, and meets aggressive dynamic performance requirements. It has lower noise and ripple levels than other commercially available units. A summary of results is presented. Full load efficiency is at least 70% under test conditions. The circuit uses no heat sinks or cooling up to 50% output, and can supply full power under conventional forced cooling. The design includes basic features such as output sensing, current sharing, and protection. To meet the special requirements of distributed systems, additional features have been provided. This report describes the design and operation in detail.
Issue Date:1993-07
Publisher:Advanced Power Applications Laboratory. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Genre:Technical Report
Sponsor:Prepared under contract· SRA-251 for Sorensen Company Paxton, Dlinois
Date Available in IDEALS:2012-03-01

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