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  • Defreitas, Madeleine; Esco, Normandie; Giovanazzi, Andrew (2013-05)
    For our video research project, we chose to examine the racial composition of the Greek system at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Amongst concerns of an increasingly segregated community, we felt it would be ...
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  • Berrios, Jose (2013-05)
    This video project examines the formation of identity amongst multi/biracial students and its application on the UIUC campus. This prpject researches the multi/biracial cultural dynamic at the University of Illinois.
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  • Cadney, Shanita (2013-05)
    As UIUC boasts itself as "The most diverse Big Ten University," I sought to question how this level of diversity filtered down into the individual schools here, specifically the School of Music. While the reading the website ...
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  • Brown, Caroline (2013-05)
    This video project aimed to show my discourse-centered approach to analyzing the ethnographic data I collected. My initial research question was, "Does gender impact the ways to which students present themselves and their ...
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  • Kubiak, Mike; Nixon, Chris; Sapp, Emily (2013-05)
    For our video research project, we wanted to discover and identify different forms of discrimination against the physically disabled on the U of I campus. We interviewed four members of the wheelchair basketball team on ...
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