Guidebook - Illinois State Geological Survey

The Guidebook series includes volumes containing general and technical information through detailed descriptions of geological features to help visitors understand the geologic conditions they observe along an itinerary or map route. Intended for professional audiences rather than the lay public, Guidebooks are prepared for scientific research-oriented field trips, often in conjunction with professional society or organization conferences. They are typically well illustrated and can include compilations of papers, outcrop or site descriptions, maps, and detailed road logs for field excursions, although the format varies greatly. The scientific focus differentiates them from the Field Trip Guidebook series. Guidebooks are a significant contribution to the geoscience literature and often are the most current or only synopsis of the geology of an area. They are resources for local geology and, as such, are essential to researchers and students. Often, the field trips associated with this series are intended to challenge participants with unsolved or thought-provoking geologic questions. Therefore, the content can be inconclusive in nature. The first guidebook was published in 1950.

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