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Title:ECDP: Efficient Content Distribution Protocol
Author(s):Fesehaye, Debessay
Contributor(s):Nahrstedt, Klara
Subject(s):Content Sharing, Bandwidth pricing, Peer Incentives, Fair Sharing
Abstract:In this paper we present ECDP, an efficient incentive based prioritized content distribution protocol. In ECDP content which originates from some servers or peers is first distributed to some users (peers). As soon as the content reaches some of these peers, other peers can get the content either from the servers or any of the peers whichever gives the lowest per packet price and highest throughput. An ECDP content information manager (CIM ) calculates the weighted (prioritized) fair rate for each stream at each node. To do this the CIM first obtains the upload and download base rates from each peer’s rate monitor (PA). A peer selects or looks up a content in the CIM database using a web interface. The CIM selects a content source node (CDN server or peer) which gives the lowest (bandwidth) price, highest rate (throughput) and lowest delay for each requesting peer. In ECDP, each content source periodically adjusts its bandwidth prices and prioritized rates based on the current demand. Unlike existing incentive-based mechanisms, ECDP enforces the rate allocations by setting the flows’ sending rates (congestion window, receive window and maximum window sizes) to ensure efficient and accurate incentive to the participating nodes. We have implemented ECDP in the NS2 simulator. Simulation results show that ECDP can outperform existing schemes in terms of file download time and throughput. The results also demonstrate that ECDP obtains fair uplink prices for the uploaders and fair cost for the downloaders maintaining an overall system fairness to benefit all peers, content providers and network operators. The results also demonstrate that ECDP efficiently enforces the prioritized allocations. ECDP can be deployed in the current Internet without the need of changes to the TCP/IP stack or routers. We have also implemented ECDP using an Apache SQL Server with PHP in Linux virtual machines and demonstrated that ECDP is a scalable protocol.
Issue Date:2012-08-12
Publication Status:unpublished
Peer Reviewed:not peer reviewed
Date Available in IDEALS:2012-08-17

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