Library Trends 61 (1) Summer 2012: Next-Generation Discovery and Access in Library Catalogs (Restricted)


Library Trends 61 (1) Summer 2012: Next-Generation Discovery and Access in Library Catalogs. Edited by Kathryn La Barre.

A common contextual device in classic filmmaking, the establishing shot situates or provides the foundation for a scene by connecting important people, places, and developments. It helps the viewer appreciate the outlook of a film and may assist the viewer in the act of becoming immersed in the viewpoint and experiential stance of the filmmaker. The chief motivation for this issue is the act of creating an establishing shot. The articles and case studies highlighted herein seek to both interrogate and contribute to the ongoing conversation about the unfolding roles of the library catalogue in discovery and access to information. Any such effort must also acknowledge the limitations inherent in such an enterprise. The narrative contained in these pages is partial and imperfect, even as this issue’s articles include investigations of the historical background of developments and innovations, as well as a smattering of works that articulate and describe both the theories and practices of approaches to next-generation discovery and access. The voices in these pages provide a mere sampling of a rich universe of experimentation, instantiation, and implementation. Through the creation of an establishing shot, this issue aims to provide a permanent record of the current state of “next-generation” library catalogues.

Library Trends (ISSN 0024-2594) is an essential tool for librarians and educators alike. Each issue thoroughly explores a current topic of interest in professional librarianship and includes practical applications, thorough analyses, and literature reviews. The journal is published quarterly for the Graduate School of Library and Information Science by The Johns Hopkins University Press. For subscription information, call 800-548-1784 (410-516-6987 outside the U.S. and Canada), email jlorder [at], or visit

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