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    Ada Community Library - project lead. LYRASIS consultants [3]
    Alabama Historical Commission and its four grant partners [11]
    Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records [3]
    Arkansas State Parks, the Arkansas History Commission, the Arkansas State Library, and Amigos Library Services [1]
    California Association of Museums [1]
    Clemson University Libraries [1]
    College of Micronesia-FSM [4]
    Colorado-Wyoming Association of Museums, BCR's Digital Preservation Services Unity, Colorado Association of Libraries, Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists, the Colorado Historical Society, Colorado State Library [1]
    Columns, the newsletter of the Wisconsin Historical Society [2]
    Connecticut State Library; Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism; Connecticut Humanities Council; Connecticut State Museum of Natural History; Connecticut League of History Organizations [1]
    Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts [8]
    Eves, Bronwyn [8]
    Florida Association of Museums [22]
    Georgia Archives [8]
    Gonzales, John Oliver DLR [1]
    Guam Community College, Richard Flores Taitana Micronesian Area Research Center, Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Library, Guam Public Library System [1]
    Hawai'I Museums Association, Hawai'I State Archives, Association of Hawai'I Archivists, Hawai'I Library Association, University of Hawai'I at Manoa Museum Studies Program, University of Hawai'I at Manoa Library Preservation Department [1]
    Heritage Preservation, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, American Association for State and Local History, Learning Times, Institute of Museum and Library Services [25]
    Illinois Collections Preservation Network [16]
    Illinois Connecting to Collections partners [1]