Note: This is a student project from a course affiliated with the Ethnography of the University Initiative. EUI supports faculty development of courses in which students conduct original research on their university, and encourages students to think about colleges and universities in relation to their communities and within larger national and global contexts.

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Title:Sexist [Muslim] Societies
Double Standards
Abstract:I researched the reluctance of many Muslim parents to send their daughters to colleges away from home. I interviewed female students who live at home along with female students who live on campus during their college experience at U of I. I asked students why their parents have chosen to send them to UIUC and what concerns their parents had before allowing them to live away from home for college. I also interviewed students who live at home as to why many parents chose not to allow their daughters to live away from home for college and what concerns their parents have regarding the situation. From this research, I learned the different limitations some families put on their daughters. Every family has experienced the need to set boundaries and limitations in order to raise children with discipline and integrity while simultaneously allowing the freedom necessary for maturation and self-reliance. I expanded my research as to why, in various cultures, these efforts are manifested in different ways.
Issue Date:2012-01
Course / Semester:AAS 258, Fall 2011
Junaid Rana, Instructor
Publication Status:unpublished
Peer Reviewed:not peer reviewed
Date Available in IDEALS:2012-10-31

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