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Title:Korean Early Study Abroad Students:How Do They Narrate Their Personhood as an ESA Student at UIUC?
Author(s):Lee-Chung, Sangsook
Subject(s):International Students
Asian Students
Korean Students
Early Study Abroad Students
Abstract:This research will explore Korean early study abroad students (ESA students: chokiyuhakseng in Korean) in terms of how the pre-college early study abroad experiences in the U.S. affect Korean students’ decisions to end up at UIUC as well as the course of their college lives. I will also investigate if ESA experiences have an effect on these students’ identities as Koreans, especially if their experiences generate intra-ethnic differentiation among Korean students, especially among ESA students. I anticipate that this research project will contribute to the understanding of what the demographic changes that are brought by the increase of Korean ESA students really mean to the UIUC campus both at the individual level of Korean students and at the University level. This study will also give us some clues as to the direct outcome of the early study abroad phenomenon in Korea in a broader sense. Looking into the Korean ESA students is not only meaningful for the Korean student community at UIUC , but also for the University as a whole and for many U.S. universities that may face a same phenomenon because all of them are facing a new challenge which is brought about by increasing number of Korean ESA students.
Issue Date:2008-01-25
Publication Status:unpublished
Date Available in IDEALS:2008-01-25

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