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Title:Configurations of Globalization in Laos and Cambodia: Does Faster Globalization Mean Better Development?
Author(s):Rehbein, Boike
Abstract:There are many similarities between Laos and Cambodia. Because of these similarities it seems likely that both countries will share the most important traits of their development within the frame of globalization. The paper is to show that this is not the case. If one looks at both countries from the perspective of universal history, the differences in their current development are of course insignificant. From this perspective it is impossible, however, to say anything significant about both countries. And if one focuses on a single factor – like the economy or the political system – one overlooks the importance of most other global, regional and local factors. The theoretical thesis of the paper is that one has to look at the whole configuration of factors, which is singular for any historical moment and locality. Under the conditions of globalization, the configuration has to include global and regional factors. Following Pierre Bourdieu, the factors can be analyzed into social fields, forces, and positions. Similarities and differences between Laos and Cambodia are discussed in this framework.
Issue Date:2005-03-29
Genre:Conference Paper / Presentation
Sponsor:Title VI National Resource Center Grant (P015A030066)
Date Available in IDEALS:2008-01-25

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