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Title:Plants Toxic to Animals
Author(s):Williams, Mitsuko; Veterinary Medicine Library
Plants -- Poisonous
Abstract:This item is a zipped archive of html files and images that constitute the toxic plants database. To use these files, download the zipped file and unzip it. In a web browser, open the "index.html" file found in the top level, "toxic," directory. The rest of the site should then be accessible from the index page. This database was created in order to assist the University of Illinois veterinary students in identifying common plants that are toxic to animals. This database brings together information available in library books, plants grown in the Poisonous Plant Garden, mounted specimens of plants, and the reference notes for a toxicology course (VB320) which is taught during the fall semester each year. Although the VB320 notes address toxic plants found in all regions of the U.S., only the species most commonly found in the midwestern states are covered in this database. Common house plants are also included as opportunities arise. All of the books employed were found in the University of Illinois Library system. In particular, the booklet, Illinois plants poisonous to livestock by L.R. Tehon, C. C. Morrill, and Robert Graham provided the basis for the database structure as well as additional text information for food animals. This database will be revised or updated as time and resources permit. Photographs, unless noted otherwise, are originals taken in the Poisonous Plant Garden for this project. The plant lists represent the entries which we hope to complete sometime in the future. Plant entries can be selected from either the common name list or the scientific name list of plants. A description of the database structure and the entries is also available. The initial funding for this project was received from the University of Illinois Educational Technology Board and the University of Illinois Library Research and Publications Committee. Additional funding was received from Dr. Florence Dunbar. Many thanks are due to Dr. Val Beasley for the use of his reference notes, to Zhenguo Zhang and Mary Shultz, Graduate Assistants for the project, and to Bryan McGoldrick, veterinary student and 1995-96 Curator of the Poisonous Plant Garden. Comments and suggestions are appreciated. Please address them to Veterinary Medicine Librarian, University of Illinois.
Issue Date:1996
Rights Information:University of Illinois Board of Trustees
Date Available in IDEALS:2013-01-09

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