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Title:Field-Directed Sputter Sharpening for Tailored Probe Materials and Atomic-Scale Lithography
Author(s):Schmucker, Scott W.; Kumar, Navneet; Abelson, John R.; Daly, Scott R.; Girolami, Gregory S.; Bischof, Maia R.; Jaeger, David L.; Reidy, Rick F.; Gorman, Brian P.; Alexander, Justin; Ballard, Josh B.; Randall, John N.; Lyding, Joseph W.
Subject(s):scanning tunneling microscopy
Sputter Sharpening, Plasma, Field Emitters
field-directed sputter sharpening
Abstract:Fabrication of ultra-sharp probes is of interest for many applications, including scanned probe microscopy and electron-stimulated patterning of surfaces. These techniques require reproducible ultra-sharp metallic tips, yet the efficient and reproducible fabrication of these consumable items has remained an elusive goal. We describe a novel biased-probe field-directed sputter sharpening technique, applicable to conductive materials, which produces nanometer and sub-nanometer sharp W, Pt-Ir, and W-HfB2 tips able to perform atomic-scale lithography on Si. Compared with traditional probes fabricated by etching or conventional sputter erosion, field-directed sputter sharpened probes have smaller radii and produce lithographic patterns 18 – 26% sharper with atomic-scale lithographic fidelity.
Issue Date:2012-07-03
Publisher:Nature Publishing Group
Citation Info:Nat Commun. 2012 Jul 3;3:935.
Publication Status:published or submitted for publication
Peer Reviewed:is peer reviewed
Sponsor:Office of Naval Research Grant N00014-06-10120
Defense Advanced Research Project Agency and Space and Naval Warfare Center, San Diego contract N66001-08-C-2040
National Science Foundation grant CHE 10-38015
National Science Foundation grant DMR 10-05715
National Science Foundation grant CHE 07-50422
Date Available in IDEALS:2013-02-01

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