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The series, published between 1954 and 2003, was originally designed as a series of newsletters and other items that were of interest to those involved in the minerals industry of Illinois. Many reports included significant results of research in mineral resources and mineral economics. The series is comparable to Circulars in scope and endurance and includes annual reviews, bibliographies, and directories. It began as Industrial Minerals Notes (1954–1972), and then changed to Illinois Minerals Notes (1972–1990) before the name was standardized to Illinois Minerals. These reports focused on investigations of the mineral resources of Illinois. In 1971, the content of the Mineral Economic Briefs (MEB) was added to the series and the MEB series was discontinued. In 1990, the name was changed from Illinois Minerals Notes to Illinois Minerals. See Mineral Economic Briefs. The series is closed; new submissions are published as Circulars. No. 1 (1954) to No. 47 (1972) Industrial Minerals Notes No. 48 (1972) to No. 103 (1990) Illinois Minerals Notes No. 104 (1990) to No. 127 (2003) Illinois Minerals

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