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Circulars are reports of a technical or nontechnical nature that communicate significant results of research in basic or applied aspects of general geology topics. Circulars are more limited than Bulletins in the scope and endurance of the information presented, typically focusing on a single topic. They provide a synthesis of understanding about concepts, processes, or geographic areas on matters of current relevance. Findings and data may therefore be of a preliminary nature and, in many cases, may be incorporated in later, more detailed reports. Created for prompt distribution, Circulars provide timely scientific and administrative information aimed at enhancing knowledge and understanding among general audiences, decision makers, university students, and scientists in related fields. These publications undergo both internal and external review and are edited thoroughly. The editions can be short. A precursor to the present series, Original Circulars, were published in eight editions from 1906 to 1914. The first publication of the current series, under the series name Information Circular, was published in 1932. The series name was changed to Circular with the publication of edition number 23 in 1938. Some of the earliest Circulars were mimeographed or reprinted from trade or technical journals and were typically distributed free of charge. Original Circulars: No. 1 (1906) to No. 8 (1914) Information Circulars: No. 1 (1932) to No. 22 (1937) Circulars: No. 23 (1937) to present

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